10 reasons why Symbian is better than Android

Lately, you can read almost everywhere about the fail and death of Symbian mobile operative system. Apple iOS, Android or even Microsoft Windows Phone are now in better terms with blogs and press. Despite the loss of market share, Symbian phones are still having a good number of sales. Sure, there are a lots of things Nokia can do to improve the system, but now, I want to give you ten reasons why I think Symbian is still better than its natural rival, Android.

  • Price. Android phones need more processor power and internal memory, so they save money on other materials and components. With the same amount of money, you can buy a Symbian phone with better materials and hardware features than any Android device.
  • GPS. Ovi Maps are far better than Google Maps. It is not needed to be on-line to use Ovi Maps, and you can get guided voice directions anywhere in the world.
  • Camera. Usually, Android phones do not have dedicated camera buttons, including the controls on the touch screen. Sensors, optics and overall camera, video and picture quality are worse than their Nokia counterparts.
  • Battery life. Symbian was designed for a low energy consumption. Symbian smartphones have a better battery life than Android ones.
  • No data plan required. Today it is becoming more and more common to contract data service to use it on your smartphone. Symbian devices can be used in this way, with a permanent connection, but it is not needed, you still can use most of it without one. Android phones are more “internet” directed devices, almost every Google service needs a connection.
  • Form factor. There is little difference among Android models, vast majority are touch screen phones. Nokia Symbian catalogue has touch screen models, sliders, full qwerty and every usual form factor you need.
  • Support. You do not buy an Android phone. You buy a Samsung, HTC or a Huawei device, and guarantee and support are done by those companies. Nokia has the best support service worldwide.
  • Fragmentation. There are different Android versions, sometimes with overlaying manufacturer or network operator software. This fragmentation makes difficult for programmers to adapt their creations to different screen sizes or Android versions. As a result, you can buy and download a non working program from Android Market to your phone.
  • Privacy. Android ‘with Google’, includes the usual Google apps. This company already has a lot of personal information from its users derived from the search engine. I am afraid to give Google, or any other big company, my mobile information: search, mail or location. With Symbian you are not relying so much on Nokia, for example, I have the option to use Ovi Store without having an Ovi email account.

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  1. Oscar B says:

    Eldar Murtazin from Mobile Review has made some comments on Twitter I would like to add and answer. Eldar tweets are quoted:

    Let me say that half of this points aren’t valid. Bom is the same. Nokia using cheaper materials etc
    Nokia used old hw only by economic reason. Up to date hw to costy for them. C7 cam is another example.

    -I partially agree, I would like to see better materials used, specially on supposed high-end models.

    Failure rate for Nokia is higher than in previous years. 15% nowadays and still growing. Was 5% in 2007. Warranty isn’t working good

    -Sad to hear that. My experience, until now, is good. I’m talking about devices quality and Nokia Care service points.

    Fragmentation of Android. Hmmm. What about symbian fragmentation? Why not count new models with s1, s3 and also non touch devices?

    -Symbian is also fragmented, there are S60 v3, S60 v5 and Symbian^3 on sale now. But Android fragmentation is worse for the final user. Even an Android ‘with Google’ does not assure you will have no problems with third party applications. Manufacturer software layers add more problems to firmware upgrades.

    I always think that more alternatives is better than one choice. With android you have more devices, UI etc

    -I really like how Android is a perfect motivation for a better Nokia. I also think it is better for consumers to have more options. But it is also true that there is a lot of hype around Android, and that needs to stop.

  2. Matt Jones says:

    I’m sorry but this post is absolutely insane. I responded. http://munkimatt.com/re-10-reasons-why-symbian-is-better-than-andr

  3. Oscar B says:

    Alvarez del Vayo add more reasons in this post:

    -Multitasking: both systems are multitasking but Symbian is more intuitive and you can close programs without the need of a third party application.

    -Audio and video: default audio and video players are better in Symbian. Just a few Androids have tv-out.

    -PC integration: Android is well integrated into the cloud but not with the PC. Synchronization with desktop PC is not as easy as on Symbian.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hi Folks
    Symbian is shit. You must sign every prog. this you want install. You should hack it first, then it´s ok, but not good.
    Know anyone, how I can change it, to another soft? Please help me, because I don´t like it(symbian).

    • m305 says:

      look Daniel thats a very unwise comment because you can hack your phone to avoid that(since you want be installing hacked apps)you have to sign symbian apps only when you didn’t get from the original producer – those apps are usually cracked and therefore need a valid certificate to work on your phone, but when you download apps from ovi store do you ever have to sign those apps?- NO!or if you actually buy the apps you won’t be having this problem – so if you want fee stuff then thats a small price to pay.

      • Imraan says:

        i completely agree with you. and till now i have not countered any post problems of hacking. If someone needs everything ready, then go and buy the application.

    • Azeem says:

      Just sign it online on http://www.cer.opda.cn/eng Bitch!

    • Ani says:

      In,symbian smartphone,,Installer protects the device against malware,viruses,So,it needs certificate..
      So,,symbian is best..

  5. Ricky M says:

    I am a symbian fan but still i would say that this post sucks!

  6. santosh thapa says:

    using of android is like a curry that doesn’t added a salt.

  7. Awin says:

    I just want to say something…if you look into the past 10 years…there was no other mobile os before symbian. therefore, whether its android,ios,bada,rim..or whatever new mobile os…symbian started it all…they all copied from symbian…for me…symbian is always better than others…symbian was the trendsetter..and nokia has the most valuable phone..

    • Azeem says:

      I’m totally agree with you Awin :D

      • Viraj says:

        i totally agree….symbian is the best…easy to use…easy to understand…and also reliable rather than the costly android…who wants data plans for 24 hours…most of you would use it at the most for 6 – 8 hours…and alsousing android or even iOS is toooo confusing!!!!

      • Prasen7400 says:

        Me too, Azeem, Awin is absolutely correct.

    • Pjit says:

      Excellent reply probably the best…deep analysis…Symbian is the trend setter…and the crappy Android lovers are hollering pointlessly.

  8. Yanger w says:

    Be practical guys, and dont politize it.. why don’t you help some in choosing a better OS’,
    if you don’t like symbian then don’t hate it..
    It’s just like the old story “the fox and d grape”

  9. renato says:

    Hi all,

    I am using the E7-00 since June. Who dont know, E7’s OS is Symbian^3 and that works in average well, but with lots of consecutives freezing. That is demotivating, after you payed around 500 Euros for it.

  10. Steve says:

    I just wish Nokia would scrap symbian altogether, meego is the future, or so it would be if I ran things

  11. Irshakhazi says:

    Symbian is better an better
    symbian os is only one phone that nokia but anriod os is on all the phone in chaina mobile also

  12. Azeem says:

    I wish Android OS never exist in this world.

  13. Ashwani says:

    I’M AGREE WITH YOU but there’re lot of things missing in your post, i’m using symbian from nokia 7610 now i’ve nokia N8 and i’ve experienced following thing in symbian which is far far better then android
    Well i still think that symbian is better then android, symbian application is easily available on net, and double touch(touch to select touch to open) of nokia is also a good feature as most of the the single touch proves irritating , you just touch and bang your file opened now you close its just irritating, you can download mobile shell for multiscreen , cracked sbp mobile shell is easily available, nokia symbian can be hard formatted easily, you can create folders in the menu to arrange your application , you can remove any application from any where, there are lot of start up applications like black list, email client, etc. now you can change your default applications like browser or music or video player. one more thing that YOU CAN SEND ANY DUMP APPLICATION VIA BLUETOOTH TO OTHER COMPATIBLE SYMBIAN DEVICE,
    autofocus camera is not available but it ain’t matters you can purchase good camera for your purpose, by the way who uses camera of mobile frequently.

    • DON says:

      For your kind notice: The best camera that has ever been put on a mobile phone is running on a symbian phone.

  14. May says:

    I was wondering if the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro (which runs on Symbian) needs a data plan (AT&T) because I’ve been getting mixed answers about whether the Vivaz Pro requires a data plan or not.

  15. ali says:

    hi guys
    I agree. Symbian is better os fundamentaly. Actually it’s basis is well defiend and as steve jobs said: ” android is a stolen product…(you can search this matter on internet ). The nokia company have to be more careful and more active about it’s conterparts. Because it is just on phone which is competing with all those chinese product which rotten the world basically… I hate those chinese and i am really surprised when i hear that the android is a stolen product….why google had to do something like this?

  16. Harisrinivas says:

    yeah, i agree with u all guys.. Symbian is much much better than android. another thing is there, we can flash with our own CFWs (Custom Firmwares) in Symbian phones.. this is the reason y i like Symbian very much…

  17. nameless says:

    i’m very poor so i use opera mini for net browsing. Another thing mobile is just a mobile. I don’t need all computer facility in the mobile. So symbian multitasking works ok for me. At last i like to say even windows 7 exist many people use windows xp in their high performance system and dos also used in some task. So not always old thing are bad. I demand a mobile platform where i can install any mobile os. Technically i want a mobile size pc with gsm+cdma facility.

  18. sartaz rock says:

    Simbian is very very better than android..becous i have simbian phone..hehehehe

  19. Flyer says:

    I tottaly agree with you as i am involved in security, and the way today’s smartphones are goin is not secure at all, its like your whole personality is in the cloud, they want your email, your info, what you browse, your location, etc .. i dont know why people can’t see this really clearly, everyone keeps saying ” oh who am i, why are they going to track me” and i always say, nobody is tracking you but recording you, yes. Ignorance is our greatest enemy, and if we start giving out and ignoring what these companies are doing, we will have a whole dirctory of us reaching to the level of where our cash is flowing and into what.

    I respect the straight forwardness of symbian, and there clean goal, unlike most major companies in the USA, thats why the press wants to throw its reputation down, thats why windows wanted nokia, they don’t want someone big on their own. I know someone is going to reply with a “oh everything is fine atittude, and say that i am exagerating”, well my reply to him is, go get the facts right, check how your privacy is ripped of you, and stop making reason because you have either and android or an iOS device. I used all devices from iOS, android, windows phone/windows mobile, java, meego, meamo, microkernel based OS like symbian.

    And the cleanest in terms of privacy are symbian, and meamo/meego. Sorry u guys out there but iOS, and Android, and Windows phone are sucking ur info, each will say oh we are better in this, oh we control ur info better, well they all do it and shame on them, and shame on people who are just using plain ignorance, just to use a farting application.

    • Harendra says:

      Flyer now u have removed my doubts and I liked the way u have described symbian features.Being a student I did not know what kind of mobiles to buy but apart from all those u have also showd the right thing that ” why should we share our e mail ids????……is it only because we use android…….now I have full faith in nokia—connecting people.

    • John says:

      I totally agree with Flyer!

      Android is fun for sure, but I still like to use my old Symbian-powered device for my daily activities, specifically for this security reason.

      Despite all the joy that free apps can give to Android users, I am getting more and more worried each day to find out how many of these apps now ‘force’ us to give permissions to access our personal data from the start or when it requires an update (starting from owner information, GPS location, your accounts information, and sending sms or make phone calls – sending ad to your device is no longer sufficient – they all like to build ‘customer database’). Sure you can choose not to install them, but most of the ‘fun’ side will be gone, and not all apps can be purchased to get rid of their unnecessary access requests. And since I am not an advanced user, I do not really understand how deep they can take information out of my device. And although this does not seem dangerous for my simple and ordinary life, I still don’t want to give unknown people easy access to my personal data and files, for unknown reasons. It annoys me already to get promotions via sms everyday.

      My solution at this moment: I use my Android tablet (Note 10.1) just for fun, without bothering to fill in owner information, contacts, and emails. I merged down owner information in the welcome screen picture (in case I lost it), and I can still access my emails through internet browser. If I want. This is perfect solution for me, since I have no intention to use it as my communication device (it’s to big anyway).

      With an old, more closed-system like symbian (although not 100% virus or malware proof, nobody is), I can call, sms, and access emails with my old Nokia phone with more comfort.

      I hope the upcoming windows 8 phones will have similar treatment to such security threats like we normally have in a PC environment (although Flyer has indicated otherwise). I do wish to have a more closed system, where we can simply install apps that will work in the local machine only, or in a ‘sandboxed’ environment (except only for a few apps that are meant to have communication access like Whatsapp). At least, I know that we simply need to deal with viruses and malwares from time to time, but not regular apps that come with too much requests.

      In short, with an Android system, I feel like I can have the device, but not total control of the device and information in it. You can kiss good bye to your personal secrecy.

      PS: I wonder if the Android system provider itself ( (i.e., Google and device manufacturer) can collect your personal database?

  20. Azeem Ahmed says:

    I am a Symbian user…
    I have experiance of Symbian features, because i am used Nokia 7610 first time, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia 5800 XM and now Nokia N8…
    And really Symbian is Best in all OS…

    I am used Android, and im bore…
    Because Android battery life is so small, CPU speed is normal BUT Nokia N8 CPU speed is much better in only 680Mhz…

  21. ysupr says:

    now in 2012,, do you still agree that symbian is better than android? :p

    • Pjit says:

      Yes…and yes…Symbian is always better…it is the avant garde…the fascinating gimmicks of Android are befooling asnd misleading mobile aficionados…

  22. rohitjoshi says:

    I see many of my friends switching to androids. They do it mindlessly clearly indicating that they have adopted the policy of ‘following the herd’. But when they use the phone, they end up facing many problems like overheating, sluggishness in the changeover, slowdown in multitasking, very poor battery performance etc. They complaint and talk about switching over to Windows Mango. I wonder why the confusion? The answer is trend or fashion. Androids are not good performers, everyone knows this. The price-quality ratio indicates the same thing and the overall consumer experience ratifies it.

    The reason is that Androids do tend to suck up most of the phone’s battery. While a Symbian OS preserves battery life and delivers a good performance as far as battery backup is concerned.

    Androids are demanding phones,like housewives. :) They need more attention and care. They do offer a lot of applications.[kindly shift your attention from my comparison of androids to housewives cos this has nothing to do with them :-P]

    So with so much running the androids require a very advanced processor a comparatively a much better sized RAM.

    I would recommend a Symbian OS if you use your phone for making/receiving calls, texting, internet and photography plus video making/watching.

    But if you want to take a leap of faith and travel through the maze of applications , and do have enough funds, I would recommend getting an android with a very good processor [say dual core or quad core] backed up by at least 512MB of RAM. This is for those who wish to spend a lot. If you buy lower ranged androids then the situation does tend to get a bit dicey after a few months.

    See the real quality of a phone can be traced after a few months only. You cannot simply rate a phone the moment you get to play with it. It takes time.

    The only thing , I won’t say bad, but kind of demoralizing while buying symbian masterpieces like N8 is that the UI might appear to be a bit on the ‘retro’ side. :-D [in the cellular phone sense of course] But N8 will never let you get that feeling.

    Other than this I couldn’t find any other reason as to why I should cross out a symbian masterpiece like N8 for an android. The brand Nokia plays on my mind and it should play on yours too.

    So to summarize-

    Class, Quality and Durability – Symbians like N8.
    Apps, Show Off and Style- Androids like Xperia, LG Optimus etc.

    Chose your posion! :-D

  23. Pramit says:

    Yeah. Shit Samsung. Shit Android. Nokia is the best forever. And symbian is far better than android. Nokia shouldn’t go with this **** android.

  24. Anietie says:

    U guys r all talking shit symbian is d best platform.

  25. Samit says:

    Both symbian & android OS are good. But i dont get it android say that “android os is the most user friendly os in the world” but android os is installed in many types of device with each companies own user interface. So like samsung ui and htc ui not same but booth have android os. So if i use samsung smartphones for 10 years then i cannot easily use htc smartphones with diffrent ui. My point is android is not same OS in every device but symbian is always easy to use with all times nokia UI.

  26. Anurag says:

    Really symbian is d bst n nokia is d king. Browsng performence bttr camra bettr battry lyf. Be the vip’s using nokia

  27. Pjit says:

    No OS can outshine Symbian…the users of crappy Android are destined to suffer a lot.

  28. saubhik dasgupta says:

    yeah, i agree wd u all. Symbian is the best of all. For example, androids within low prce range are of no match wid the symbian classics nokia 5800/5233.
    These have 434mhz arm processors but never tend to let u down. Camera, music, video, apps, games……….everythn wrks far beyond fine.

  29. sagar says:

    And final result is guys *****android can never touch prestige of SYMBIAN.
    Symbian will be always great, even android makes too much update as 3,4.0 and so on.
    Best thing of Symbian is that it is we can format whenever there is problem and rough & tough, no other one can do it. Android have only graphics & looks & main is marketing by Google b’coz it’s their product.
    Android is all copied from Symbian, iOS, Meago etc.
    And if some android lover will say about touch screen comes in android, then don’t forget symbian have it 6/7 years back in Nokia 7710.
    B’coz unforgettable reason is that our mobile generations start with NOKIA+SYMBIAN handset and that’s all.

  30. nitish says:

    Guyz the post above is shitt ,
    Android phones are anytime better than symbian , coz symbian suck to the core …
    dont ever try to compare them , bloody shitt symbian

  31. cwitty says:

    afta all tht hev bn said i thnk i wl tek Symbian

  32. fadipe oluwaseun says:

    every one like fashionable phone, an don’t care of durability, that y they sofar alot . For nokia for life an forever.

  33. Nikhil Das says:

    Hi guys, I used both symbian and Android.. Both of em hav their own pros and cons. Well, lots of apps are available for android, but so as I heard that android is vulnearble than symbian. Right now I am using android, well, the battery will becom dry by eod, well I think symbian dont suck up that much charge. And about the interface, I will defnitly go for android. Because, its cool. I think symbian belle hav a good ui too, but still android will score on ui. And just because of that, symbian scores in simplicity, everyone who need a mobile, a reasonable one, will go for nokia. Im not talking about techno geeks and ganget freaks. I started using nokia. But I think even talking about games, android and iOS will score. Both have their own cons guys.. I can only support, I cant just critisize, (well ill critisize everything other than android and symbian.. :D)

  34. nitesh says:

    R u mad????…..nokia creates fuckest phnz…..no nokia phones is better than an andriod device……….

  35. subho says:

    I was also a symbian fan but after using an android phone I must say android is the better os than symbian. because after using an android phone nobody wants to use a symbian phone, all of my friends did this. I don’t no why. Do you khow?

    • DON says:

      Yes…because all of them are same sheeps….no brain of their own…and hence follow the herd (I mean they cant understand what is right and wrong and hence just do what majority around are doing. Thus you will not be left alone even if your direction was wrong!!!)

  36. subho says:

    I was also a symbian fan but after using an android phone I must say android is the better os than symbian. because after using an android phone nobody further wants to use a symbian phone, all of my friends did this. I don’t no why. Do you khow?

  37. Dj Prk says:

    and multitasking is very easy in symbian.. Where android is not much capable. The latest nokia 808 has better camera 41 mp excellent processor and good display an its new frimware graphic is far better than android .

  38. Dj Prk says:

    Friend the google produce the android os not its hardware .. It is easy to copy android os file. The samsung ,htc etc other company done the same , which is not capable. And nokia has its os and hardware which is more durable, no other android companies can make such better handset, even all samsung mobile looks like same , working mob is same ,style is same. But all nokia phone has different styles, where nfc works good in nokia phones, bluetooth work faster in nokia and symbian also take less data of internet with good bettery life. Hence i sell my samsung galaxy s 2 and buy nokia 808

  39. ganesh says:

    From me symbian is the best than android phone’s symbian phone’s like n8 and 808 pure view which have the best camera in the phone ever there nothing behind this i phone 5 or the galaxy s3 and thus its cheaper than this all if you’l go to buy android in 16000 RS you’l not get much better phone than symbian the gaming experience is too wonderful and the symbian devices are much stronger than those bloody Shits androids

  40. Umega says:

    Symbian is same like android …in the end we want to purchase a smartphone not a computer system.android hype is a marketing tact by samsung and htc to ditch nokia…i wish nokia kicks their ass hard.

  41. ambika says:

    yes 100 percent correct symbian is better

  42. Redbull says:

    who says tht symbian is best fuck that symbian they are shit android is the best i wish symbian will be dead put cocks shit in mouth who says symbian is best

  43. mann says:

    fuck that bloody shit andriod.
    You guys are comparing a street beggar*andriod* with the kInG *NOKIA SYMBIAN*
    andriod can never reach the user friendly experience of .SYMBIAN like n8,701,808.
    Dont take about the beggar

  44. Awesome says:

    Okay, everybody in this post who is supporting symbian has obviously never used an android phone.
    A. Android is not a stolen product, the first android was released around th time where wwe had S60v5, which, honestly has nothing to steal from. It was just BAD. In fact, Symbian Belle stole the drop-down notifications bar from Android.
    B. Android is a more optimized OS than Symbian. High end Symbian phones operate at the level of the low to mid-range Android phones. Symbian is extremely slow and buggy.
    C. Let’s be honest, no matter how much hardware you’ve got, it’s useless without apps. Android has buttloads of great apps while the few on Symbian are complete CRAP! In fact, they make crap look like the next big thing.
    D. The Android task manager is great. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
    E. Android and iOS are just as easy to get used to as Symbian. If you had problems , you’re probably a moron.
    F. Android phones might slow down if you pack too much apps in them. Symbian is slow right out of the box.
    G. Any phone; Symbian, Android,Windows Phone or iOS has a contract and non-contract version. You just have to choose which is right for you.

    I respect the prestige of Symbian, but it’s in the past. I admit that Android isn’t perfect. For example, it’s more vulnerable to viruses, but that’s partly your responsibility. Look at ratings before downloading apps.
    I bought a Nokia Symbian phone regret it within the month. My advice, buy either Android or iOS. A phone is not an investment. You need to go for what works TODAY, not wait and hope they improve. Plus, if you are buying any smart phone, anything under $250 is crap (factory unlocked without contract). You should just buy a Nokia Asha instead. And actually research wht you’re gonna buy, or you’ll just buy another one in a very short time.

  45. Awesome says:

    *NOTE* I’m criticizing Symbian, not Nokia. Nokia is still the best at durability.

  46. kundan says:

    symbian is copied from windows .lol .

  47. chimphona says:

    symbian is the best o.s ever. shit on android. try to drop an android and a symbian then see what survives

  48. Guri saini says:

    Android is getting famous because of just one reason.

    Much apps and games.
    I’ll never wanna use android. M happy with my symbian OS phones

  49. ajay says:

    symbian is better than android
    true multitasking
    2g internet speed
    battery talktime

  50. nick says:

    I noticed that when we do minimise an app on
    symbian it works properly while android it
    pause.If anybody don’t believe on me i think he
    should use sports tracker first and then try to
    say something about comparison between
    both os.I’m using n8 belle which performs too
    well than Galaxy s.in morning walk i’s using
    sports tracker on both phones at same time in
    minimise.when i got result it was on Nokia
    whereas Samsung Galaxy s was pause.now
    you can guess which is good?

  51. Dsavvy says:

    “I” na ce kowa ya gama jawabinsa, a takaice dai ko wace waya, waya ce, idan ta biyya bukatar mai shi. To dukan jawabinku, a na’awa fani dai zan yia ce yarantaka ce kuke fama da.

  52. Luckson says:

    dont compare those shit phones with nokia.

  53. moses says:

    if you think androind is better you live in darkness.nokia symbian is the best experience.i wish nokia decides to go back to symbian and upgrade it more and more then drop windows since its not easily upgradable.I LOVE NOKIA AND SYMBIAN

  54. don says:

    man i am using a symbian and its good from android becaus all the thing listed above and all the famous android apps are also launched in symnian os.

  55. jude says:

    u guys are talking piece of shit android is far better than symbian,symbian phones are old school and piece of shit and wack

  56. Lukong says:

    If Symbian is better than Android then get around the problem I have with my Vivaz Pro u8a would be easy.

    – My phone says its has S60v5, but can only use S60v3
    – My phone doesn’t get Ovi Maps or Nokia Maps (Only for Nokia)
    – Apps can’t be used without signing (Recently, Properly, by Experts)
    – I get a lot of ran out Memory (256MB Ram with 740Mhz CPU, I wonder if its just overclocked and a 600Mhz CPU and most Symbian phones are Under Vivaz Pro’s CPU)
    – Then again I’m upset that I have to deal with a Unresponsive touchscreen
    – If Symbian was better they still would be coming out with phones…there is a good reason why that doesn’t happen anymore (But if they sold there Nokia e6 at $50 I would have bought that though with colored symbols, no sim card check, open source, bigger size like 2.5″)

    Symbian is better than Blackberry, but can’t touch Android or Apple

  57. Yow says:

    Nothing is much better with the durability of nokia 3210 xD I’ll go with NOKIA 3210! Yeaaaaa!

  58. Anello says:

    Ya, Symbian is a better os and ‘android is a stolen product’ but u see everything changes with time and so OS tooo….for nearly 7 years i’ve used symbian but now switching to Android OS…SO IT’S YOUR CHOICE

    And Symbian → ‘SIM card registration failed

  59. sadut says:

    it is not the matter of material they use, it’s the OS, i have live for 36 years, and until present, symbian still the smartest OS. N95 is my first S60 3rd and still use it. anybody still visiting symbian freak? i owned two android with GB and ICS, and i knew know…symbian is still absolutely far better than android

  60. sadut says:

    the best camera in symbian is not a story….IT’S A LIVING LEGEND MAN!!!!

  61. Surya says:

    I know symbian is old but these os’s are best for battry life . Iska jawab kisi android ke pass nahin h and actually android app& utility app mein whatsapp ke siway kuchh khas hai nahi.

  62. gagan says:

    android is better than any os because now you see nokia deal with window os and sYMBian never exist

  63. Pingback: Android Vs Symbian

  64. Rara says:

    Symbian best phone in the world I have a Nokia N8-00 no problem with it until my little bro randomly installs an app that bricked it.
    With android I always had problems (except from my galaxy note 3)

  65. Chris says:

    nokia has launch android phone
    now nokia has 2 os android n symbian why all u comparing ..both os is best..

  66. fc zahid says:

    people who think symbial is better…they can go and get fuck theirselves….android is a modern choice and u can not think your stylish life without it

  67. Allister says:

    What are people talking about? Android is much better than Symbian. In fact, I’m using an Android Jellybean phone to write this reply. Here are the facts:-
    1. Symbian is so crap that Nokia ditched it for Windows Phone and Nokia Asha.
    2. The Nokia Store is now frozen, and the official SDK is no longer available four download from the Nokia website, all because there weren’t enough developers still developing forSymbian

  68. After looking posts from 2011 to 2014, I just wonder why the android OS has not affected the productivity of people?
    Basically, similar to android licencing, even symbian OS is also open source in nature.
    Why android needs Higher resources?
    It is because, it is basically a Linux machine with JAVA framework (android framework) running over it. Therefore, android system does not have direct access to hardware via the kernel. It has Linux in between.

    Imagine a symbian device loaded with android device like hardware. I mean, the same hardware specification – if provided for both OS, certainly the Symbian OS will stand at higher rank.

    The same android framework can be made working on a symbian platform along with symbian OS if it is programmed in that way.. Because, most of the symbian devices were already java enabled. so, theoretically and possibility wise there are still opportunities to re -invest.

    Why symbian has fallen? because of the trend!.
    Once Android OS was manipulated as popular by ‘app inventor’ and many other developer friendly offers, the more apps were created for the android. And naturally nokia had to lose the market.

    In this event, even if the symbian developers release a masterpiece of OS, no one would care. this is the actual reason of the fall of symbian.

    Another mistake nokia did was, they made the app signing process very costly. Even the ‘cheaper/free – express signed’ app was ought to be a freeware.! They hit on the belly of a starving developer so hard. Nokia was alarmed in 2006, when s60v3 devices required apps that are Symbian signed. They ignored the warning. And they paid for it. All the developers of Nokia – Java developers and symbian as well got attracted by the android offers made by Google. And they flew away!. Many incompetent (pardon me for using this word) mobile companies used already cooked android OS, re-branded it and sold the devices. So, when many small companies are benefited, there was more assurity and protection for the interest of Google’s Android.

    Now they (nokia) have released the android version. it can be a stepping stone to rise again. Even in the future, if nokia provides similar opportunity for developers and companies, then no one can stand against it.

    I feel that android is no way bad. It has grown up now. Yet, symbian OS can be even better to use the same hardware resources. Symbian OS still has much more to boast about. but the market has fallen.

    Lets see what happens in the future.

  69. Rajesh Modak says:

    I also support this post. Symbian is the best mobile os at low costs.

  70. crowd says:

    i am sad that nokia was sold to microsoft and that left symbian o.s. symbian phones are still useful fot me i still have 3 symbian phones but i am also using android now just because of the apps and the continuing developments of the o.s. and the hardware of cellphone brands and manufacturer improving internal System on chips its cores and ram it is slowly getting more battery efficient too, i hope now that nokia is back with n1 tablet android they can make better phones of the future that will be a symbian phone like in durability and reliability plus more battery capacity and efficiency even with moro cores with 64bit processing. i also wish they develop better android ui and change the game once more.

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