Gear and loading in Barcelona

If you are coming next week to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, probably one thing you don’t want to miss is a good mobile connection. There are four big networks operating in Spain: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo and all of them are offering 4G broadband in Barcelona and other populated cities. Currently, spanish networks are operating in 1800 and 2600mhz, bands 3 and 7 (full world list here). Be sure you have a compatible phone to connect and browse at full speed.

To avoid international roaming cost, your best option is a prepaid card. Law orders to identify every SIM card purchase, you will need your passport to get one. Here is a comparison of the current rates:

4G rates MWC 2014These are “website offers” for individuals, not companies, and in store SIM card prices may vary.
Movistar and Orange have “per day” use rates.
Every network has a data limit, lowering the speed after it is reached.
Only Vodafone includes free voice minutes.
You must pay an initial fee for the SIM card, with a default data plan. Choose a different plan at the store if you need it.

Friends in Barcelona report good coverage with all the networks, but I am trying to get more precise information about it, stay tuned for updates.
Telefonica has published some details about its 4G coverage to the event.

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  1. BitSpain says:

    About coverage , yoigo offers to customers 2 networks: yoigo network and movistar network (by a national roaming agreement). Vodafone has a good coverage too.

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