Gear and loading in Barcelona

If you are coming next week to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, probably one thing you don’t want to miss is a good mobile connection. There are four big networks operating in Spain: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo and all of them are offering 4G broadband in Barcelona and other populated cities. Currently, spanish networks are operating in 1800 and 2600mhz, bands 3 and 7 (full world list here). Be sure you have a compatible phone to connect and browse at full speed.

To avoid international roaming cost, your best option is a prepaid card. Law orders to identify every SIM card purchase, you will need your passport to get one. Here is a comparison of the current rates:

4G rates MWC 2014These are “website offers” for individuals, not companies, and in store SIM card prices may vary.
Movistar and Orange have “per day” use rates.
Every network has a data limit, lowering the speed after it is reached.
Only Vodafone includes free voice minutes.
You must pay an initial fee for the SIM card, with a default data plan. Choose a different plan at the store if you need it.

Friends in Barcelona report good coverage with all the networks, but I am trying to get more precise information about it, stay tuned for updates.
Telefonica has published some details about its 4G coverage to the event.

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Don’t miss Ewan’s post for more useful tips about the MWC.
Thanks for asking Varun!



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Sony-Ericsson LiveView in Symbian

I was playing this afternoon with a Nokia E7 and Sony-Ericsson LiveView smartwatch. After some small tweaks I could set the right time at the watch and send some other info.

I did it using latest PyS60 and using this basic code.

I will try to improve the script to send some notifications to the LiveView.
Finally I can use a smartwatch with my Symbian!

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The Flea

The Flea ScreenshotCan you help The Flea to get out the cave? Jump over the rocks to reach the top before the clock runs out. Play over 15 different levels with increased difficulty.

Download here.

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ICE: In Case of Emergency

ICE In Case of Emergency SymbianICE is a new application for Nokia Symbian^3 devices that stores all the important information you need in case of emergency. You can add the app icon to your home screen so the emergency personnel can easily access to the vital information they need to help you better. With ICE you can store your personal data, nearest contact to call, blood type and medications, insurance and other important info. Your data is saved in phone memory and can be accessed with a single click. We hope you never need to use ICE, but this application can save your life!

Buy ICE at Ovi Store

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Colouring Book Animals I

Colouring Book Animals Nokia Symbian softwareColouring Book Animals is a Nokia Symbian software dedicated to parents to help kids explore the creative world of drawing and colouring. Choose between different animal drawings and different pencil colours. Use your Nokia smartphone to learn and entertain your children.


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Generador de claves para JAZZTEL_XXXX y WLAN_XXXX

Widget gratuito para moviles Nokia Symbian basado en el codigo de No necesita de conexion a la red. La direccion MAC (BSSID) se puede obtener con Barbelo.


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